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"EV Charging"

Friendly staff. You can charge Leaf hassle free.
Been to many Nissan stores you have give an arm and leg to charge Leaf.
Place needs updating.
Raj B., Yelp.com


We bought a new Nissan at this branch over 18 months ago. I realise there are complaints about this place. However, I would like to point out that we got the best deal in the entire bay area we could find for that particular car. A saving of over $5000 when compared to the next best deal. The showroom itself is a bit weathered but really cannot complain about anything considering the money we saved.  The service is not exactly chirpy or cheery but that is exactly what we did not want. The sales guy answered all our questions, gave us his contact details and then left us alone. There were no aggressive sales reps on the day we visited and no annoying sales calls afterwards. Another bonus. We thought about the deal and made up our own minds in peace and went the next day to buy the car through them even though their showroom was not the closest to us.

We bought a service plan and have used this place to service the car on 2 occasions so far and again have been happy with the attitude and quality.
A.Y., Yelp.com

"Sales Experiance"

We buy a new Nissan Rogue SV With all extra full loaded with good price and the sales people was very nice good experience with Mr Samy and Aby, Omar and Jennifer thank you all thanks
Felipe Garcia, Google +


You guys, other Nissan service locations do not wash your car complimentary! This Nissan is unique in that way. I moved to Tracy and was so confused when I went to pick up my vehicle after an oil change. No car wash? We are lucky at this Nissan!
Estela D. , Yelp.com

"Sales Experiance"

Awesome deal on a leaf, Abby and Ahmad and Sammy and Sammi all helped on our deal and made it happen. Much props to them and this dealership!
Lex M., Yelp.com


The service department does what they say they will do, and they do it on time.
Stephen Moore, Google +

"Sales Experiance"

Only planned on looking at a Nissan Rogue this past Monday, but ended up purchasing it since the price was right. No complaints since all was fair,  and I'll be back if I continue to receive this service. Shoutout to Sammy Jr, Omar and Jennifer!
Ricardo E., Yelp.com

"Sales Experiance"

Great Nissan dealership. Omar is great at starting you off with a bilingual amigo! Ahman was the star internet sales manager who made our Leaf EV lease work. He was awesome and is a real star. Neco is a great, patient sales manager and detailed oriented dealer a-ranger. Rahmeen Hameni batted clean up and hut a home rub, fixing every detail of the deal so that we got exactly, precisely and fairly what we negotiated for. Everyone that we dealt with knew that their word is a contract and acted accordingly. It was a genuine good deal on the best car for my needs. Just that deserved five stars. The after delivery support I got from the Hayward Nissan team has been awesome. They really added value to my purchase even after the price was set. Ib addition everyone there is nice and respectful no matter how hard you negotiate. I would recommend this dealership particularly to anyone who wants a Nissan Leaf. I have leased two here now, four years apart and I can seriously say that they have the most knowledgeable EV sales guys working the floor. We're on our 3rd and 4th EVs at this point both Nissan and Chevy. Hayward Nissan rules on multiple levels, especially compared to the other Nissan shops. I'm sorry I even wasted time visiting the dealerships closer to where I live. Hayward Nissan beat SF Oaktown the Rich Hilltop to win my deal twice in a row.This is a dealership that should feel comfortable no matter whether or not you are fancy and no matter where from you are native. Best dealership in the bay to get a great EV and skip a Tesla or overpriced Bolt in 2018.
Ernesto Chacin, Google +

We purchased a new 2012 Nissan Altima on Tuesday from the Hayward 
Nissan in California. Shaun Dortch, the Internet Sales Director at 
Hayward Nissan assisted us with our purchase.
Shaun was very patient with our endless questions and was determined to make sure we had all the information we needed to make an informed 
decision. He also seemed genuinely concerned that we were happy with 
our decision . If it hadn't been for Shaun's excellent customer 
service, we probably would have gone back to another dealership we had 
seen the day before to get the white color car I finally decided I 
wanted. Even though we paid a little more for the car we bought in 
Hayward, it was Shaun's persistence to make us happy and give us what 
we wanted that clinched the deal. He should be commended for his 
excellent service and sales skills.
Mary, Oakland
With most car makers in a sales slump, Nissan has stayed ahead of the game by putting out a superior product at a reasonable price. Case in point. My wife and I walked onto the lot of Hayward Nissan last month. We had, earlier in the week, looked at Mazda, Toyota, and Hyundai but were disappointed with the product and even more put off by the pushiness. At Hayward Nissan, we were greeted by a sales person named Angel and he enthusiastically showed us the models. I could tell right off that this was a person who was proud of the product he sells. My wife was immediately drawn to the Nissan Altima. To make a long story short, we bought the car at a great price. My wife was extremely happy which in turn makes my life easier, lol. Kudos to Angel and everyone else at Hayward Nissan and thank you.
Patrick Richards, Fremont


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